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International Monetary Fund
October 1999
World Economic Outlook

World Economic Outlook and the Challenges of Global Adjustment

Macroeconomic Stability and the Forces of Globalization: Lessons from the 1990s

The Inevitable U.S. Slowdown and Adjustment
Japan: Recovery in Sight?

Securing a Lasting Revival of Growth in Europe

Emerging Market Economies in Asia and Latin America: Ensuring Sustainable Recoveries

Divergences in Growth Performance Among the United States, Europe, and Japan: Long-Run Trends or Cyclical Differences?

Assessing the Sustainable Level of Output

The United States: Will the Good Times Endure?

Japan: Why the Decade of Lost Growth May be an Aberration

Can Europe Grow Faster?
Alternative Scenarios: Harder Landing or Higher World Growth?

Safeguarding Macroeconomic Stability at Low Inflation The Achievement of Reasonable Price Stability

Can Inflation be Too Low?

Price Stability and Macroeconomic Stability

Asset Prices and Monetary Policy

Monetary Policy at Low Inflation

Trends and Issues In the Global Trading System

Trends in Trade and Policies

Current Issues and the New Round

Comparing G-7 Fiscal Positions - Who has a Debt Problem?

Oil Price Assumptions and the World Economic Outlook

Capital Flows to Emerging Market Economies: Composition and Volatility

Structural Reforms in Latin America: The Case of Argentina

The Effects of Downward Rigidity of Nominal Wages on (Un)employment: Selected Simulation

The Effects of a Zero Floor for Nominal Interest

Rates on Real Output: Selected Simulation Results

Recent Episodes of Negative Inflation


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